Terms & Conditions 

  •  Because we understand how excited you are waiting all tensed and anxious over the other side for your new piece of rag, we would like to send it to you ASAP so please make all payments within 24 hours upon receiving the invoice in your e-mail. Otherwise, items that are not paid for will be given up to the next buyer.
  • At Grungee, we are shoppers too. Hence, we know how it feels like to be walking down the street one moment feeling all oh-so-confident and the next gasping and trying to run away from the person across you wearing the exact same outfit (omg! the horror!). Therefore, all designs are of limited pieces. So, order quick as orders will be attended to via a first come first serve basis.
  • Also, we have decided to respect the wishes of our little rags and not let them return home (no refunds or exchange) once they have been mailed out. It's destiny to be worn by you so please fulfill its wishes and be proud of your rag! Unless...
  • ...Upon arrival of your rag, you find it ill, handicapped or in a situation that deems unfit for duty. In this case, please send him home and we will offer you a one-to-one exchange. However, in cases where his other types are all snapped up by other Grungees, we will then offer you another piece of the same value, free of charge
  • We apologize that sizing issues (bought a wrong size/clothes do not fit) will not be considered a valid reason for refund or exchange. Therefore, please ensure that you have measured yourself correctly.
  • If the replaced item of your fancy is below the OOS item's price, the outstanding amount will be added to your credit and will be discounted from your next purchase. However, if the item is above the OOS item's price, kindly top-up the outstanding amount via ibanking or ATM fund transfer and we will mail out your new purchase as soon as we receive it!
  • p.s by shopping with us, it will indicate that you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned above. 


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