Asymmetrical Checkered Shirt

$29.90          $14.95

The Ultimate Conversation Starter

Don't hide under a generic jacket like the rest of the world, step out in style with this!

Features a unique collar which acts as a scarf to keep you warm on those rainy days. 
(insider info: this top is all the girls' at Grungee favourite!)

- built in scarf-shirt combo
- asymmetrical placket down the front
- buttoned arm cuffs to highlight those arms


M:        Shoulder: 18”

            Chest: 40”

            Length: 28”

            Sleeve: 25”

(sorry folks! they're all gone!)

L:             Shoulder: 19.5”

                Chest: 44”

                Length: 30”

                Sleeve: 26.5"


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